About Us

About Us

Questyle Audio

Dedicated to the high-tech lossless audio system

Questyle Audio (hereinafter referred to as "Questyle") was founded in 2012. Since its inception, Questyle has been dedicated to technological research and product development in the high-end lossless audio field. Under its umbrella are the premium audio consumer brand Questyle and the high-fidelity audio consumer brand Questyle Audio. These brands have provided customers worldwide with enjoyable and immersive music experiences, earning widespread praise and recognition.


As a leader in the true lossless audio field, Kuangshi is committed to establishing itself as a top-tier Chinese high-end audio brand. The company boasts over 20 audio technology patents and multiple global technology certifications. Their core technological advancements encompass key signal processing chips, wireless communication chips, DSP algorithm platforms, and system tuning. These innovations have enabled the creation of high-performance, integrated system-level audio solutions, pioneering a new direction in audio technology.


In 2016, Questyle was recognized as a national-level high-tech enterprise and was listed among the "Top 50 Most Promising New Star Companies in Shenzhen" by the Hurun Research Institute. The company has also received strategic investments from China Merchants Capital, Huanxu Capital, and Eastern Rich Sea.


Headquartered in Shenzhen, Questyle is a global technology audio company with a presence in over 100 countries and regions. They have garnered more than 40 international awards, including the CES Innovation Design Award in the United States, the iF Industrial Design Award in Germany, and the VGP Lifestyle Award in Japan.

Questyle's brand mission is to enable people to enjoy the purest beauty of music in the simplest way possible. In the future, Questyle Audio will continue to collaborate with partners in the smart home, in-car entertainment, and immersive audio industries to provide consumers with comprehensive immersive audio solutions for quality listening experiences. Our aim is to create a minimalist and delightful true lossless audio lifestyle.


We believe that all music deserves to be heard anew through Questyle.



Being Professional and Concise

Being Professional and Concise

Questyle has always adhered to its core design concept which is "being professional and concise". Being mobile and wireless is our technical direction. You are going to have a wonderful musictime in an easy and trouble-free way, just leaving the complex and technical problems to be taken care of by Questyle. We expect to provide you with beautiful music and satisfy your critical senses with the state-of-the-art technology and perfect design. With the global patented technologies such as Current Mode Amplification and wireless transmission of lossless audio etc.

Provide Excellent Experience

Provide Excellent Experience

Questyle has won over 20 international awards since 2015, such as CES Innovation Award, iF Industrial Design Award, and VGP Lifestyle Award etc.. Questyle products are sold in the USA, Japan, Germany, the UK and many other developed countries. In the trend of consumption upgrading and rapid iteration of global technologies, only remaining true to our original aspiration and being driven by the new value proposition can we ensure that Questyle, as the vessel of culture, will provide customers with excellent experience and unique brand value.

International Awards

Our Team

Meet the Questyle team!

We are a growing team from different background. But our goal has always been the same.

World is complex, but we wish to offer you a pure world of sound.

Jason Wang

Jason Wang

Founder Of Questyle

Jason Wang, the founder of Questyle, began to delve into audio technology at the age of 7, and won the first prize of the national electronic design competition for college students in 2005. He has published three papers in national core journals. After graduation, he worked in an audio integrated circuit company listed in Silicon Valley for six years, successively engaged in core design, technical solution promotion and business development. He has unique technical accumulation and understanding in the miniaturization of high-performance audio systems.

Our History



Kuangshi's core patented technology, current-mode amplification, was first commercially applied. The inaugural current-mode headphone amplifier, CMA800, was launched, and "Jason's CMA" quickly gained fame in the global Hi-Fi community.


Kuangshi Technology introduced the world's first current-mode lossless portable player, the QP1R, and confirmed a strategic supply chain and manufacturing partnership with Foxconn, embarking on the journey to explore the Kuangshi Sound true lossless audio system.


Kuangshi Technology partnered with the French audio company Focal to establish a dual-brand strategic cooperation, solidifying Kuangshi Sound's position as a top global high-fidelity brand.


Kuangshi Sound released its flagship portable lossless player, the QPM, becoming the preferred player for top conductor Yu Long. Kuangshi products were officially designated as monitoring equipment for the Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.


Kuangshi Technology confirmed a strategic cooperation framework with USI (Universal Scientific Industrial), jointly developing audio chips.


Kuangshi Technology ventured into the field of lossless audio for smartphones, introducing two integrated devices: the M12 and M15, which combine lossless audio decoding and headphone amplification.


Kuangshi Technology entered the automotive audio field. In the same year, renowned investment firms such as China Merchants Capital, Huanxu Electronics, and Eastern Rich Sea successively invested in Kuangshi Technology, further enhancing its product research and development capabilities and brand marketing efforts.


Kuangshi Sound's true lossless audio product, the NHB12, passed Apple's MFi product final certification review. Subsequently, it received QQ Music's "Premium Certification," offering true lossless audio enjoyment to global streaming music users.