Questyle HB2 HiFi Hub System wins iF Design Award!

iF Design Award Introduction

iF Design Award, or "iF" for short, was founded in 1954 as one of the most famous awards in the world. The European media also calls it "Oscar for Product Design"! The award is organized annually by the iF Industrie Forum Design, Germany's oldest industrial design agency. There are thousands of pieces participating in the iF design each year, but the chance of winning is only 2%. Every year at iF time, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, IBM, LG, Samsung, Sony, Asus and other international giants gather in Germany, displaying their latest designs.

Winning the iF Design Award is a full confirmation that Questyle not only has the unique patented technologies, but also the great abilities on product design.

HB2 HiFi Hub System Introduction

HB2 HiFi Hub System consists of QP2R Digital Audio Player&HB2. Inheriting QP1R’s design (the iF winner), plus the docking station HB2, QP2R stands out from thousands of pieces over the world, why it’s so special?

Design Philosophy

The traditional high-end audio systems can’t achieve the true high fidelity experience due to technological limitations and the user experience is limited by the place, users can only entertain themselves in a fixed room. The new audio systems should have both HiFi level listening experience and multi-scene and convenient application. In order to solve the contradiction between the high-performance listening experience and the convenient use, Questyle Audio designed QP2R/HB2 HiFi Hub System. It is a lossless audio source of top-level, featuring the combination of high-performance listening experience and multi-scene application.

The more complicated the world is, the more concise we are.

HB2 HiFi Hub System consists of QP2R Digital Audio Player&HB2. QP2R is an upgrade version of 2016 iF Design Award winner QP1R. HB2 is a HiFi Hub for extending outputs of QP2R, inheriting Questyle’s design style of curved surfaces and tucked waist. Any speaker system can be linked with HB2 via its professional outputs.

With its impressive design, great performance and multi-scene application, the system brings users wonderful listening experience in both mobile and fixed places.

Listening to classical music— the austere vessel of culture

Deeply in love with HiFi—your shareable lossless audio source

Matching with headphones—your movable music device as you go out

On the flight—your exclusive music hall in the air

Fine craft is devoted to the perfect presentation of design

The design of Questyle QP2R/HB2 HiFi Hub System is perfectly presented by its sophisticated processing techniques. You can feel its quality whether it is placed on the table or in your hand.

The real good products should be great both inside and outside. Quetsyle QP2R/HB2 HiFi Hub System can not only bring you high-performance and convenient listening experience, but also satisfy your love for a pretty face. 

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