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Firmware Update & Downloads

Update your software and drivers to the latest version to get better using experience.

Product Manual

Software Updates

Version:v9277       Size:1MB

Version:v8587       Size:1MB

Version:v0427    Size:1MB

Size: 49MB

Version:v1.0.4       Size:40MB

Version:v1.0.3       Size:37MB

Version:v1.0.9       Size:24MB

Version:v1.0.8       Size:24MB

User Manual

Version:V180523      Size:17MB

Version:V180524       Size:2MB

版本:V171023       文件大小:6MB

Version:V191008       Size:2.41MB

Version:V191008       Size:2.41MB

Version:V181112        Size:6MB

Version:V180523        Size:3MB

Version:V180523       Size:3MB

Version:V180523        Size:2MB

Version:V180524       Size:771KB

Version:V180524      Size:742KB

Version:V180524      Size:810KB