Questyle M12 Firmware Update – 2 August 2021

Questyle M12 Major Firmware Update for iOS14.6

Questyle is pleased to announce that firmware Ver. 8587for the M12 has now been released. Please click here to download and update.

Firmware version:

  • ver.8587

Release date:

  • 2nd August 2021

System version:

  • windows 10

Benefits and Improvements:

  • Improves compatibility with devices

  • Improves sound quality with iPhones

  • Fixes an issue when a tick noise can be heard connecting iPhone model XS XR under system version iOS14.6/14.7 .

Download and Install

  • step 1:Unzip the file. Double-click M12 Upgrade Tool.exe.  The tool interface will appear as below

Section 1: Open new firmware file and file path information

Section 2: information about the current firmware version to be downloaded

Section 3: M12 After a correct connection, PID VID information can be displayed

Section 4: The current version of the M12 is displayed after the M12 is connected

Section 5: Download/verification start and progress display area

  • Step 2 : Click “Browse…” Button to open the “. ROM” file to be upgraded

  • Step 3 : Connect your PC and M12 with the USB A to Type-C adapter cable included in the M12 packaging, and connect your M12 to the headset. Once connected, the corresponding information  in section 3 and 4 will display, indicating that the connection is successful (please keep M12 connected to the headset during the update process).

  • Step 4: Start updating: Click the “Burn” button in Section 5 to start burning (it takes 1-2 seconds). After the update is successful, the progress bar will be full and the word “succeed” will be displayed. The firmware version information in Section 2 and Section 4 will now be the same.

Update succeed:

  • Unplug the USB cable and reconnect the set. Now the new firmware is working!